Pray for you

Here you can register your pray, which will will perform in he church in Israel. In the form underneath, you can enter your pray, together with the date and your choice of church. With that information, a Christian (preferable a priest or pastor) will perform the pray in your name in the church of choice. We will record the pray and send you the video by the email you supply.

We are offering this service against cost. The costs are two Christians traveling to the church of your preference, one praying and the other filming and/or making photos. After they return, they will email you the video(s) (and photo(s)).

Your name or name under you want to be identified.
This email is used to send you confimations, photos and/or videos
In which church do you want us to pray for you?

Your special intentions are offered to God as prayers of intercession and thanksgiving
Once a week we collect all the prayers (on Friday) and submit them in the church of your choice.
With immediate delivery, we submit the prayer in the afternoon the same day if the request of the prayer arrives in the morning (Jerusalem local time). If the request arrives in the afternoon, evening or night, the prayer will be submitted the next day morning

Further Instructions

After submitting this information, you will receive a notification email that your request is received. In this notification, you will find instructions to complete your request with detailed information of payment(s).

We support credit card payments, as well as money transferred by post office (like EUROGIRO, Western Union, Post Office Money International Payments, MoneyGram, mail, international cheques) and more.

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