Registration Form for Donations to Churches

Welcome dear visitor.
Here you can register your church, so that we can ask our visitors and users to make one or more donation(s) to your church.

We offer this service for free. All the donations for your church are all transferred to you, 100%.

Very important, because this is the email we contact you for additional information

The title will be part of the browser window for social media and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and hundreds of other search engines and indexing websites
This is the place, where you can add the text about the subject you want to receive donations from.
Here you can upload your images, which we can use in your donation page

If you want to receive the donations directly to your PayPal account, please enter your PayPal email here (no passwords or other information about your PayPal please).
How do you want to receive your donations?
Enter here the details about payments to you. For example, for bank transfers, the detailed bank information to receive the donations, etc.

  • All received donations will be transferred to you once a day if you have received more then $100.
  • All donations, whatever the amount is, will be transferred at the Friday of each week.
  • Every time when there is a donation, you receive the notification automatically.
  • We will make one page within our site about your church (using your content) with the help of a graphical designer.
    • We will submit your page to the social media and the search engines
    • We create special credit card buttons for people to donate money to you
  • Optionally, we can send the donations directly to your PayPal account!

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